Photography is our world!

That is why we are always interested in building and maintaining partnerships - locally and globally - to connect and interact with fellow photographers and broaden our horizon.

Killarney Camera Club

During October 2015, three of our board members (Manfred Schröder, Dominik Fritz and Gabrielle Boilly) travelled to Killarney, Count Kerry, Ireland and formed a partnership with the Killarney Camera Club.

Manfred Schröder (FFSN), John Keane, Ellen Lynch (KCC)
Manfred Schröder (FFSN), John Keane, Ellen Lynch (KCC) Photo: Dominik Fritz

As a small gift, Manfred presented a photo book with photographs from our region.

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We will keep you informed of future activities that will arise from this partnership. Once new partnerships will be formed, we will present the information here. Stay tuned!

Are you a photo club and are interested in a partnership with us? Great! We would love to hear from you!