The beginning...

On Sunday, the 1st of March 2015, a small group of enthusiastic photographers founded the club "Fotofreunde Schaumberg-Nahe" in a nearby restaurant (Johann Adams Muehle).


Our mission is to promote the art of photography and the production of audio visual (AV) shows together with our like-minded members and to present the artwork to the public audience at exhibitions and events.


By conducting image analysis, workshops, seminars and other events, we want to bring the "hobby" photography to the next level. Highest priority shall be the fun while creating photographs and we foster the harmonical team spirit amongst our members.The local communities of Theley and Selbach are cooperating with our club in reaching our goals.

The board

Head - Mr. Günther Loth

Deputy Head -

Treasurer - Volker Mersdorf

Secretary - Ms. Marliese Kirsch

Social Media - Mr. Markus Jonas